Module Four Career Development

Module Four Career Development

Module Four career development is a culmination of the development that students have been working on during their previous three modules. This module is focused on tightening skills and applying them to future goals. The following are key components of success in this module:

  • Build on current and create new relationships with others in the tech industry
  • Prepare to negotiate job offers effectively
  • Describe a vision for the future
  • Create plan aligned to achieving job search goals
  • Demonstrate abilities and knowledge in technical interview practice
  • Engage in complex issues of the tech industry
  • Lead other students in discussions and learning

Why These Objectives:

The above objectives represent priorities we see for students to master in order to be successful in their job search and emerge from Turing as confident junior developers. Focusing on these specific objectives allows for students to maximize their time effectively for the job search while in their last module at Turing and prepare for the first few weeks post-graduation.

Bringing It All Together:

By achieving the objectives listed above, students will be prepared for a successful job search. They will be able to contact and create relationships to build their professional networks and turn meetings into opportunities. Students will be able to describe clear goals for their job search and how they will meet them. They will be able to participate in technical interviews confidently and develop strategies for job offer negotiations. More than anything, students will be able to describe the skills and tools they have to find a job that will put them on a path to a longterm fulfilling career.



In order to fulfill the requirements of Module Four, students will submit these deliverables:

  • Final approval of portfolio and resume
  • Documentation of six cold outreach emails completed following these guidelines
  • Documentation of practice interview participation
  • Completed action plan for the job search
  • Gear Up-related reflections

You’ll submit all deliverables except for Gear Up reflections here. Gear Up reflections should be included in your module portfolio.