Module One Career Development

Module One Career Development

In Module One, career development is focused on strategies to help students be successful at Turing. The following are key components of this success:

  • Cultivate Self-Awareness
  • Understand one’s key strengths
  • Know how to learn, including how to learn through struggle
  • Ownership over one’s learning
  • Communicate effectively with partners through the entire pairing process from setting expectations to giving feedback
  • Express one’s own story and strengths
  • Manage stress effectively

Why These Objectives:

Whether students are at Turing to pursue their first job or their twentieth, the career transition they experience at Turing requires them to reflect on their abilities, become comfortable with ambiguity, and embrace new challenges. Turing aims to provide tools and support to do this successfully and be set on the path for a more fulfilling career than what they left behind, and mastering these objectives will set the foundation for this success.

Bringing It All Together:

By achieving the objectives listed above, students will be able to direct their own learning by knowing when to struggle, when to ask for help, and how to do both effectively. Students will be able to articulate what they need from a working relationship and reflect on how they can improve. Students will be able to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and use setbacks as opportunities for growth. All in all, students will be aware of their abilities and have a framework for how to continue to grow and tackle learning challenges as they go to Module Two.



In order to fulfill the requirements of module one, students will submit these deliverables:

You’ll submit all deliverables here except for your partner feedback, which you will submit to Allison directly via DM. Gear Up reflections should be included in your module portfolio.