Independent Challenges

In week 6, students will participate in the Final Independent Assessment that will count towards the promotion decision. This is a 3 hour code challenge students will complete independently, meaning the student cannot seek help from other students, mentors, etc. Students are allowed to reference notes, other projects, and the internet.

In order to practice for the Final Independent Assessment in week 6, students will be given a weekly practice Independent Challenge starting in week 2. They will be submitted using a Github Pull Request, and instructors will give feedback in the form of comments on the Pull Request. These are not formal assessments, but an opportunity for the student to practice their problem solving skills and receive feedback from instructors. Students are expected to complete the first three iterations.

The progression of difficulty for the independent challenges along with an example challenge is described below.

Week 2

The week 2 challenge is an intro to Object Oriented Programming. It will require students to build two classes that interact, as well as use an enumerable.

Example: Potluck

Week 3

The week 3 challenge will require students to build three classes that interact. It will also involve a more complex enumeration problem that can’t be solved with a single enumerable. Students will also need to access a Hash.

Example: World Cup

Week 4

The week 4 challenge will involve three classes with only partial specifications. Students must think algorithmically to build an Object Oriented solution that solves the problem. Students will also be required to build a hash.

Example: Boat Rental

Weeks 5 and 6

The week 5 and 6 challenges are a test of a student’s knowledge of OOP and Ruby mechanics. They will involve two or three classes that interact, iterating over a hash, and several methods that can’t be built with a single enumerable.

The week 5 challenge will be a practice for the final in week 6.

Example: Reunion