Final Assessment: M1 Backend Pentathlon

Final Assessment: M1 Backend Pentathlon

To advance to M2, M1 students will need to demonstrate competency in individual projects, pair projects, professional development and community engagement. M1 students will also need to successfully complete the following activities in week 6.

Paired Assessment

Students will pair with an assessor for 45 minutes. They will be assigned a baseline assignment and are expected to make meaningful progress on an extension. Students must demonstrate comfort with test-driven development, Ruby convention, and object-oriented programming.

Independent Timed Assessment

Students will have 2 hours to complete a timed exercise. Outside documentation is allowed, but students should not consult other students or mentors during this exercise.

  1. Student must clone down an assessment repo.
  2. There will be a branch that has tests on it that the student will have to merge into the master branch and resolve any conflicts.
  3. Once conflicts are resolved, the student will have to complete the remaining challenge, with testing, on their own branch (will include enumerable and additional code).
  4. Student must submit a PR to the repo.

Final (Paired) Project

Working in pairs, students must successfully complete (scores of 3 or higher across all categories) their final project, either Headcount or Black Thursday.


Students will need to submit their portfolio according to instructions posted on the portfolios page.