Module 2 Assessments

Paired Assessment Rubric

  Rails Syntax MVC ActiveRecord Testing and Debugging
4 Students effectively use Rails methods or strategies not discussed in class, and can effectively defend their decision to use those tools. Student strictly adheres to MVC, and can defend decisions of where functionality lives. Highly effective and efficient use of ActiveRecord beyond what we’ve taught in class Prework tests are extremely well organized and nested. Student demonstrates excellent TDD during paired assessment.
3 Student effectively and independently uses appropriate Rails syntax to complete the user stories Student adheres to the principles of MVC, with only one infraction. Students appropriately choose class vs. instance methods. Students can CRUD resources using built in ActiveRecord methods and ActiveRecord associations. Tests capture the behavior described in the user stories. Student demonstrates use of TDD, but may be prompted by the instructor once or twice.
2 Student uses appropriate Rails syntax with instructor prompting, or does not complete the paired user story Student does not adhere to the principles of MVC, demonstrated by up to 3 infractions. Student is able to describe the principles of MVC. Student needs prompting from instructor in order to use ActiveRecord to CRUD resources, or student makes an incorrect, or inappropriate choice of using a class or instance method. Tests do not capture the behavior described in the user stories, and/or the student does not demonstrate consistent use of TDD
1 Student fails to complete one or both of the prework user stories Student has more than 3 infractions of MVC and/or can not describe the principle of MVC. Student is unable to CRUD resources using ActiveRecord Student is unable to write an effective test without significant instructor guidance.

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