Module 3 Professional Rails Applications

Module 3 Scope and Sequence

Weekly Outlines


In Module 3, we will look beyond the basics of building Rails web applications with the intent of taking a business need and turning it into working software. Students will be comfortable using agile processes to integrate third party APIs, produce APIs, build Rails applications that consume and process data beyond basic CRUD functionality, and improve the performance of their app through AJAX, caching, and background workers.


Students who successfully complete Module 3 will have demonstrated mastery of Professional Skills and Core Technical Skills. These skills are broken down in detail here along with Portfolio Expectations demonstrating those skills.

For a sense of where your abilities should be by the end of the module, take a look at the Practice Assessment. You will have an opportunity to complete this practice assessment in Week 4. If you’d like to get a sense of the core concepts covered during the module, please feel free to review it at any time.


This module consists of four projects, two team projects and two personal projects. Find more details about the projects themselves here.


In order to be promoted to Mod 4 you’ll need to complete your PD deliverables and your Mod 3 end of Mod porfolio.