Module 4 Professional Application Development

Module 4 Scope and Sequence

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Module 4 is the capstone: a demonstration of the best of what students are capable of. It prepares them for the workplace by emulating the patterns and processes that they’ll use. It should prepare them for their career by helping them set goals and direction without dictating every step of the journey.

Defining Success

Students who successfully complete Module 4 will have demonstrated mastery of Professional Skills, Core Technical Skills, and a set of Elective Technical skills. These skills are broken down in detail here.


  1. Quantified Self - students start by building a front end in JavaScript that connects to an existing Rails API. Then they will re-build the back end with Node, Express, and Knex (so cool, right?). This project lasts the first three weeks.
  2. Capstone Project - this is a personal project students work on weeks three to six. Students will put everything they’ve learned during their time at Turing into this final project.
  3. House of Vars - Open Source Project - this group project will take place in week six. More information to come.

Weekly Breakdown:

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