Refactor Tractor Workshop presentations and workshop

Refactor Tractor Workshop


5 Warmup
30 Presentations
5 Pomodoro
5 Smell Review
25 Code-along / Workshop
5 Pomodoro
40 Paired practice
5 Review

Learning Goals

  • Revisit and reinforce the general points and goals of refactoring.
  • Communicate a technical problem.
  • Recognize common mistakes and bad practices in JS.
  • Develop strategies to refactor those mistakes.


With your Quantified Self partner, take 5 minutes to identify a chunk of code (<= 10 lines) that you know is smelly, but haven’t had time or don’t know how to refactor it.

Develop talking points for a three minute presentation that address the following:

  • Why/how the code “smells”
    • What rules or conventions it violates (e.g., DRY)
  • The headaches (if any) this code has introduced to your project
  • How you might refactor or deal with it
  • Why refactoring would be worth the time and effort

Split speaking time evenly between you and your partner


Each group present their “smellyscript” to practice technical communication (2 minutes).

Review presented topics

Code-along 1-2 topics

Paired Practice

In your assigned pair (given by instructor):

  1. Checkout a refactoring branch for Person A’s project
  2. Work on refactoring Person A’s code snippet from their presentation for 20 minutes.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for Person B


With your Quantified Self partner, discuss the following (3 minutes):

  • How your workshop pair approached refactoring
  • Your main takeaway from today’s workshop


Check out this compilation of refactoring techniques in JS.