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Iteration 3 - Additional Methods - insert and prepend

Now we have nodes and a LinkedList class that manages the list. Next step is to add the insert and prepend methods.

prepend will add nodes to the beginning of the list.

insert will insert one or more elements at a given position in the list. It takes two parameters, the first one is the position at which to insert nodes, the second parameter is the string of data to be inserted.

Expected behavior:

> require "./lib/linked_list"
> list = LinkedList.new
> list.append("plop")
=> "plop"
> list.to_string
=> "plop"
> list.append("suu")
=> "suu"
> list.prepend("dop")
=> "dop"
> list.to_string
=> "dop plop suu"
> list.count
=> 3
> list.insert(1, "woo")
=> "woo"
=> "dop woo plop suu"

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