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Iteration 4 - Additional Methods - find, pop, includes?

Perfect, we are almost there! Next is to add find, pop and includes? methods.

find takes two parameters, the first indicates the first position to return and the second parameter specifies how many elements to return.

includes? gives back true or false whether the supplied value is in the list.

pop removes elements the last element from the list.

Expected behavior:

> list.to_string
=> "deep woo shi shu blop"
> list.find(2, 1)
=> "shi"
> list.find(1, 3)
=> "woo shi shu"
> list.includes?("deep")
=> true
> list.includes?("dep")
=> false
> list.pop
=> "blop"
> list.pop
=> "shu"
> list.to_string
=> "deep woo shi"

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