Jungle Beat

Iteration 5 - Creating the JungleBeat Linked List “Wrapper”

Awesome! We have built most of our program and now it’s time to wrap the Linked List logic in a JungleBeat class.

When we create a new instance of the JungleBeat class, a LinkedList object is also instantiated and available as an attribute on the JungleBeat instance. Now, we can manage our linked list through the JungleBeat class.

Up until now, we have only been able to append and prepend a single node at a time. The LinkedList class hasn’t formatted the data it received, consequently, passing the string “deep bop dop” to append has resulted in one node created with data deep bop dop. With JungleBeat as an extra layer, it can take care of properly formatting the data (eg: splitting the string) before passing it down to the LinkedList. This implementation results in three nodes appended to the list if we pass the string “deep bop dop” to JungleBeat#append.

Expected behavior:

> require "./lib/jungle_beat"
> jb = JungleBeat.new
=> <JungleBeat list=<LinkedList head=nil #234567890890> #456789045678>
> jb.list
=> <LinkedList head=nil #234567890890>
> jb.list.head
=> nil
> jb.append("deep doo ditt")
=> "deep doo ditt"
> jb.list.head.data
=> "deep"
> jb.list.head.next_node.data
=> "doo"
> jb.append("woo hoo shu")
=> "woo hoo shu"
> jb.count

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