Refactoring Patterns

Refactoring Patterns


  • Why do we refactor?
  • What’s the difference between “refactoring” and “changing shit”?
  • Does refactoring always make code better?

Red, Green, Refactor

Changing Internals of Code

Technical Debt

Software/Design Patterns

  • Common solutions to common problems
  • Gang of Four - Design Patterns
  • Russ Olsen - Design Patterns in Ruby

Refactoring Patterns

  • Common transformations, not improvements
  • Refactoring: Ruby Edition
  • Related Concept: Code Smells

3 Common Refactoring Patterns

  • Move Method
  • Extract Class
  • Hide Delegate

Move Method

  • Start: Method that seems to know a lot about a related class
  • Refactor: Move it to that class

Extract Class

  • Start: Subset of related functionality in a given class
  • Refactor: Make it into its own class

Hide Delegate

  • Start: Class calling to another class through another class
  • Refactor: Implement methods on the intermediary that can respond to those requests

Station Work

  • 10 Minutes: Independent
  • 5 Minutes: Review code together


Explain to a person near you

  • Move Method
  • Extract Class
  • Hide Delegate

Enigma Refactoring Exercises

  • Pair
  • Refactor sample Enigma project