Module 3 Projects

Project Concepts

RailsEngine - Rails Internal API

The goal of RailsEngine is to use Rails and ActiveRecord to build a JSON API which uses the SalesEngine data schema. This is a pair project.

Apicurious - Consuming a Third-Party API

The goal of Apicurious is to be able to consume data from a third-party API such as twitter or github. This is an individual ungraded project.

Cloney Island

The goal of Cloney Island is to be able to take all the skills you have learned thus far, and apply to them a multi-tenant application. This is a team project consisting of 3-4 team members.

Self-Directed Personal Project

The goal of this project is to create a successful web application from a project idea. You will create an app that will authenticate with a third-party service, consume an api, and solve an actual problem.